Can Hanuman speak Hindi, Mumma?

It is close to Christmas eve in 2021. Just few days ago but I don’t remember exact date. My wife is reciting hanuman chalisa in the prayer-cum-study. I am around somewhere, probably other bedroom. Son keeps darting around the house doing stuff that 4-5 year olds do but out of the blue, I hear our son asking her ‘Can Hanuman speak Hindi, Mumma?’

Now, after almost 50+ years of my life, I am a die hard non-believer so I was absolutely enthralled at his curiosity. I made a note to ask amma if I ever asked such questions. I very much doubt so.

I think wife warded off the question with a vague answer. Had he asked me, I would have asked him ‘What do you think’ as I would like him to figure it out himself.

In any case, it raised interesting questions.

Did Hanuman really talk in Hindi or Sanskrit? Considering scholars put Sanskrit close to 1700BCE and Ramayana is dated 5000BCE, how is it possible that Sanskrit was spoken during Ramayana? Classical Sanskrit was developed by Panini only around 500BCE so did Hanuman speak in some other forms of Sanskrit? Hindi is fairly new – about 700BCE so surely that rules out Hindi as well?

Also, how is it that Yahweh revealed himself in only Aramaic/Hebrew in Middle east?

How is it that Allah revealed himself in Arabic, again in Middle east.

How is it that Trinity revealed itself in Greek, middle east again ?

What are these different gods telling us? That god is multi-lingual? That god is one?

Richard Feynman puts it beautifully as he only can.

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